Payment Policy

“Black Stallion Trading W.L.L”, a company duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Qatar, with its principal registered office situated at P.O. Box 31928, Doha, Qatar, together with its subsidiaries and/or affiliates (as applicable), shall hereinafter be referred to as “Black Stallion Automotive”.

Payment Terms for Black Stallion Automotive

  1. Payment Methods: We accept payments via Bank Transfers, Letter of Credit, Cash, and Cashier Checks at our local offices. Please note, all payments must be made in USD or in QAR.
  2. Full Payment: All orders must be accompanied by full payment (including shipping charges) before any vehicle is exported or shipment is arranged. No vehicle will be shipped until the payment has cleared and is confirmed by our finance department.
  3. Payments must originate from the same country and entity making the vehicle purchase and must correspond with the destination country and entity to which the vehicles are being delivered
  4. A minimum deposit of 15% is permissible to reserve a specific vehicle for a period of up to one month, during which the purchaser is allotted the opportunity to finalize the transaction. In the event that the one-month timeframe elapses without the transaction's completion, the purchaser acknowledges and agrees that the deposited amount will be forfeited.
  5. Taxes and Duties: All applicable taxes, duties, and other governmental charges related to the import/export of the vehicle shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer. Black Stallion Automotive is not responsible for any additional fees or charges imposed by any country or port. The purchaser assumes full responsibility for covering all customs and governmental charges applicable in their respective country.
  6. Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy: After orders have been placed and payments have been processed, no refunds are available. It is, therefore, strongly advised to exercise utmost certainty and diligence prior to placing an order and making payments. Nevertheless, if, for any reason, Black Stallion Automotive is unable to conclude the transaction and deliver the purchased vehicle(s), the entire sum paid for the undelivered vehicle(s) shall be reimbursed, with deductions of any applicable fees. In such circumstances, Black Stallion Automotive shall bear no responsibility for any ensuing damages or losses whatsoever arising from this circumstance.
  7. Exchange Rate Fluctuations: Prices may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations even after an initial order has been placed. Black Stallion Automotive reserves the right to change the invoice prices in case the exchange rate fluctuates even after an initial order has been made. Buyers will be informed of any significant changes before the final transaction.
  8. Disputes: In the case of any payment disputes, both parties agree to attempt resolution amicably before resorting to legal action. Should the parties fail to reach a resolution, any disputes arising hereunder shall be adjudicated by the judicial system of the State of Qatar.
  9. Inquiries and issues: For any payment-related queries or issues, please contact our finance department at