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Established in 2017, Black Stallion Automotive is your trusted partner in the world of tax-free car exports. We take pride in our commitment to delivering quality vehicles to destinations all around the world while managing every aspect of the process, from A to Z.

At Black Stallion Automotive, our mission is clear: to make the world of international car buying and exporting a seamless and enjoyable experience for our valued customers. We understand that the allure of tax-free car purchases combined with the convenience of a one-stop-shop is essential, and that's precisely what we offer.

  • Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, our team possesses unparalleled expertise in vehicle procurement, export management, and logistics coordination. 
  • Global Reach: Our reach in vehicle sourcing and client services is truly international. We procure an extensive array of cars globally to offer you a premium selection. Our expert teams are located in major hubs: Frankfurt, Shanghai, across the GCC, and Dallas, TX. Each vehicle is meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality and offered to you at a tax-free, favorable price. Wherever you are on this planet, we are equipped to bring your ideal car to your doorstep.
  • Tax-Free Advantage: We specialize in tax-free car sales, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment, best price guaranteed. Our team will guide you through the process, making it both financially advantageous and hassle-free pleasant experience.
  • Comprehensive Service: From selecting the perfect vehicle to handling all logistics, paperwork, and transportation, Black Stallion Automotive covers it all. We're your end-to-end solution for international car exports and buying experience. With us, there's no need for you to be versed in the world of shipping and logistics; we collaborate with world-renowned shipping companies known for their container and RORO services, to handle everything from A to Z. Simply give us your requirements, and you can consider it done insha'Allah.
  • Customer satisfaction & Perfection at work: Your contentment is our principal concern; we treat each automobile with unparalleled attention. In both acquisition and delivery, we adhere to the strictest protocols to ensure each vehicle is shielded throughout its journey, arriving in flawless condition to match your discerning tastes and anticipations. Rigorous measures are in place to safeguard the transportation of your vehicle, assuring a delivery free from mishaps.
  • Extensive Vehicle Selection: Our collection is a testament to variety, featuring everything from everyday cars and exhilarating sports cars to rugged off-road trucks, all sourced globally. Your taste may range from conventional models to high-performance supercars, and from diesel engines to the latest in electric propulsion, across manual and automatic gearboxes – rest assured, our selection is designed to cater to your automotive desires.
  • Confidence and Trust: Understanding that trust is paramount when acquiring a vehicle from another country, rest assured, the real challenge lies in the complexities and risks associated with buying and transporting the vehicle. With Black Stallion Automotive, you can rely on us for an experience that's seamless, devoid of risks, and unforgettable due to our seamless and efficient process.
  • Streamlined Procurement: While purchasing a vehicle internationally is achievable on your own, partnering with Black Stallion Automotive elevates the process to new heights of efficiency and cost reduction. Our expertise in managing large-scale shipments, combined with our globally positioned team, optimizes both vehicle inspection and acquisition. Moreover, our established relationships with shipping companies ensure safer, more reliable, and economical door-to-door transportation.
  • Dedication to Excellence: At Black Stallion, our pledge to excellence and dependability is unwavering. You can confidently place your trust in us as we guide you through an unmatched buying experience, securing your preferred vehicle from abroad.

At the heart of Black Stallion Automotive lies a commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to providing you with superior service, quality vehicles, and a seamless car export experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers who have experienced the ease and efficiency of working with Black Stallion Automotive. Discover the world of tax-free car purchases, and let us make your car export dreams a reality.

Thank you for choosing Black Stallion Automotive as your trusted partner in tax-free car exports. We look forward to serving you and fulfilling your automotive desires.

This message is from the CEO of our esteemed company: Mr. Abdullah Al-Ashi

Key Team members

Mr. Abdallah

Doha - Qatar

Mr. Kanny

Guangzhou - China

Mr. Thanshif

Doha Qatar

Mr. Saad

Amman - Jordan

Mr. Husni

Texas - USA

Ms. Ghalia

Düsseldorf - Germany

Mr. Khaled

Texas - USA

Ms. Zein

Dubai - UAE


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